Autumn in Woodstock

This year I had the pleasure of visiting my family in NY state during foliage season. I think I might have missed the brightest of the reds by a week or so, but auburn and golden leaves still greeted me in the sunshine. And this was a happy photo-taking Sunday spent with my dad in one of my favourite places. Allow me to introduce you to the village of Woodstock.


While the famous 1969 music festival actually happened 43 miles south west in a field somewhere, the 60s peace and love atmosphere drifted into Woodstock, and somehow just never left. There is always live music drifting through the square, and along with the smell of incense, the widespread use of tie-dye, you can almost feel yourself transported through time, to that summer almost half a century ago.


The bookshops cater to a specific range of people including those with a mystical slant, though this time I mainly walk out with books about “conscious money” and making charities sustainable. And a few beautiful notebooks. Something for everyone. There is a Zen Buddhist monastery just outside of town, and a number of shops focus on yoga and meditation.


My inner hippie is out to play for the day. We wander slowly through the village as I play with my camera, with blissful free time and space to do so. We drink amazing organic fruit juice, wander into a flea market, and pop in and out of colourful shops.


And everywhere, there is golden, golden autumn.


The sunshine dances on the leaves, vibrant and playful.


And as the sun begins to set, the residents of Woodstock gather in the main square for the community drum circle.


And with those last few rays of sun, what else is there left but to dance. Dance to the beat of the drums.


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