Uganda – a beginning

I have been in Uganda for less than a few days, and I am already falling in love with the country, and with our project here. Today I joined in the wonderfully satisfying job of putting together a large quantity of donated lab equipment to complement what had already been gathered in previous years. Who knew that putting together microscopes and playing with hardware could be so satisfying. The course starts tomorrow, so this week’s updates will likely be lab photos.

The country itself is both very beautiful and very chaotic. Maybe the wrong choice of destination for the chronically punctual, but if you are able to relax and just go with the flow of things, it’s a really wonderful place. The landscape is a mixture of lush greenery, rolling hills and clay-colored earth, while in the cities, the first thing you notice is indescribable traffic (seriously), people selling things on the street (beds, sofas and chickens are particularly popular choices), and a range of creative transport solutions. Personally, the boda-bodas (motorbike taxis) absolutely terrify me, while I much admire people’s ability to stack extraordinary quantities of items onto bicycles.

I look forward to exploring and learning more in the days to come.

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